Edward Watts in The Fantasticks
Max Crumm and Samantha Bruce in The Fantasticks
George McDaniel and Catherine Russell in Perfect Crime
Richard Shoberg in Perfect Crime
The Fantasticks Logo
Runtime: 2Hrs 5Mins (15min intermission)
Theater: Jerry Orbach Theater

The Fantasticks

Tom Jones & Harvey Schmidt's The Fantasticks, the world's longest-running musical, is a captivating and simple romantic comedy about a boy, a girl, two fathers and a wall. The audience uses its imagination to follow El Gallo as he creates a world of moonlight and magic, and then pain and disillusionment, until the boy and girl find their way back to one other. The score, which includes "Try To Remember", "They Were You" and "Soon It's Gonna Rain", is as timeless as the story itself.

Perfect Crime Logo
Runtime: 1hr 55min (15min intermission)
Theater: Anne L. Bernstein Theater

Perfect Crime

The record-breaking thriller confounds and delights as audiences piece together the scattered clues left in the wake of psychiatrist Margaret Thorne Brent as she navigates a dangerous scenario involving what may just be the perfect crime. Starring Catherine Russell as Margaret Thorne Brent and Richard Shoberg as Inspector Ascher, the longest running play in New York City history continues at The Snapple Theater Center.

Hereafter Musical Logo
Runtime: 2hr (15min intermission)
Theater: Anne L. Bernstein Theater

Hereafter Musical

"Hereafter Musical" is a musical drama (with some light touches) that explores what happens when a loved one dies from the perspective of both the living AND the dead. Dealing with the universal theme of life and death, "Hereafter Musical" takes the audience on a special journey filled with tears, laughter and song. And by show's end, it delivers a sense of closure for both the characters AND the audience that is truly a unique and satisfying theatrical experience.

Shut Up Sit Down & Eat ® Logo
Runtime: 90 Minutes, no intermission
Theater: Anne L. Bernstein Theater

Shut Up Sit Down & Eat ®

When a therapist fails to arrive on time for a group therapy session, four impatient Italian Americans take their issues into their own hands and invent a new type of therapy – Italian therapy! Get ready to experience a non-stop ninety-minute rollercoaster ride of laughter, insight and revelation. Written and performed by four outstanding, seasoned, New York comedians.
Performances resume February 15th.